Welcome to PLC Perth

At PLC Perth we develop inspiring women. We do this by focusing on our four key pillars; these form the foundation of the unique programmes designed to suit the differing needs of girls as they journey through the school. Personalisation; Leadership; Courage and Community.

Music at our Junior School

In the PLC Junior School we teach music every day. Music education is seen as a facilitator for personal and creative growth, providing numerous opportunities for girls to explore, create and perform within various educational contexts.

Sports at our Junior School

Girls are encouraged to explore and strategise when they engage in sport at PLC. This is a very empowering way of learning. The PLC physical education curriculum helps to set girls up for success.

Junior School Kidpreneur

Kidpreneur, our much-loved Junior School co-curricular programme, teaches students about successfully opening and running their own businesses.

Art at our Junior School

PLC Perth’s International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme means that the work the students are doing in the classroom is extending to the art room. It encourages students to be critical thinkers and explore learning through a global framework.

Head of the River Champions

PLC is proud of its of Head of the River success. The rowing team has taken out the coveted title for the past five years and is a much loved part of the school’s sporting prowess.

Outdoor Education

PLC boasts one of the most comprehensive Outdoor Education and Tours programmes on offer for girls in Australia. Venturing beyond the classroom encourages students to develop their social and leadership skills, build teamwork and resilience by engaging in unique experiences that complement and support their learning.

Arts Day

The students call it the best day of the year. There hasn’t yet been a PLC Arts Day which disappoints. Students and staff participate in dance, drama, music and creative art pursuits to claim the most House points.

Junior School Technology

PLC Perth is a leader in the integration of technology into the classroom. Learning is mulit-dimensional thanks the school’s commitment to ILT. PLC is an Apple Distinguished School and its teachers are Apple Teachers.

Festival of Science

PLC’s annual Junior School Festival Science is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths which the girls embrace and enjoy.

Lighthouse Virtual Tour

The PLC Lighthouse is a unique wellbeing centre which focuses on ensuring girls are functioning well, feeling well and doing good for others.

PLC Lighthouse

The PLC Lighthouse is integral to PLC’s universal approach to wellbeing, providing an anchor for students, staff and the PLC community to learn, experience and practice scientifically-based wellbeing pathways.

Dux of School

PLC Perth’s 2019 WACE ATAR Dux of School and International Baccalaureate Dux of School both started their education in PLC Junior School. Here they reminisce about their PLC journey.

PLC Perth's Dynamic Music Programme

Music at PLC is active and dynamic, supporting students to experience, perform and explore their musical potential. Students can connect and contribute to the PLC community through their involvement in this creative environment.